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The Town of Nashville Board held a public hearing regarding a petition to form a Lake District for Lily Lake, pursuant to Wisconsin State Statute 33.26. 6:00 pm on January 12th, 2022, at the Nashville Town Hall – North, 4265 WI HWY 55, 54520. 

The approximate boundaries of the proposed Lily Lake District are outlined on the attached map. The district will be defined by the attached list of parcel numbers. (See attached exhibit A) 

Minutes from the public hearing

  • Open the Public Hearing Wesley Ginter- Hearing Chairman Wesley Ginter opened the public hearing at 6:03pm and the Pledge of Allegiance was said
  • Petition for Lily Lake District is read by Calvin Schmidt, Circulator (See attached Exhibit B)
  • Statement from petition circulator was read by Calvin Schmidt, Circulator (See attached Exhibit  C)
  • Question and Answer period: The Floor was opened to questions and answers by Circulator Calvin Schmidt and Circulator Dennis Grusnick;
  1. How will the town roads be affected by the Lake District? The public and private roads will be maintained in the same manner as has been done, no change will take place.
  2. If there is a Lake District, will there also be a Lily Lake Association? This will be decided by the Lily Lake Association after looking at the pros and cons of having both or one.
  3. With the Lake District protection and Rehabilitation, will there be a possibility of a sanitary District imposed on the taxpayers in the future? The primary reason this Lake District is being formed is to help with the costs of the Dam Reconstruction. The Board of Commissioners and the district members vote on the tax levy each year.
  4. Tim Rusch; Who owns/will own the dam? The Town will continue to own the dam.
  5. Tim Rusch; who is responsible for the costs of dam if the town owns and maintains the dam? The Lake District will be contributing a maximum of$10,000.00 per year for 25 Years. for the construction costs of the dam.  Maximum outlay will be $250,000 over 25 years. The Letter of Understanding with the Town states this amount. (See attached Exhibit D)
  6. Regarding Option #4, is it approved? Option #4 has been approved by the Town Board, we have only one remaining easement to obtain. The Town will direct the Engineer to proceed with Option # 4 and submit it to the DNR for final approval.
  7. If the level is raised, it may cover my rip rap on shore? Water levels will be at approximately 98.1 (relative to the brass marker at Burgts Resort). The highest level was 2-3 years ago and was 1 foot higher than the 98.1 that the new dam will maintain. The new dam will maintain a steady level of water. With the new spillway the 100-year flood rate will drop by ½ foot. The level will be more consistent, the need for boards being put in/out will be minimal.
  8. Are there any properties below the dam that are in the Lake District? There is one property to the SW, but basically the Lake Districts southern border ends at the Dam.
  9. Tim Rusch; Who operates the Dam? The Town.
  10. Can the Dam be manipulated? Yes, with the current dam it can be easily manipulated. The new dam will have security measures to prevent unauthorized changes.
  11. The water level has been maintained at 1 to 1 ½ feet higher than the DNR mandated rate for 50 years? Yes.
  12. How do you know that the DNR will approve the new dam? The DNR has been working with the Lily Lake Association and the town and advising us on how to proceed.  They have admitted that the level has been at 98 feet depth for a very long time.
  13. What can and cannot the Lake District do? The purpose of the district is stated in the petition. This purpose is consistent with Wisconsin statutes.  The cost to the Lake District taxpayers will be approximately .50 to .60 cents per $1000.00 of assessed value, maximum. 
  14. Regarding the map, there is no official survey map. The map shared was taken from the Forest Co Website. The Lake District will be designated by Parcel numbers.
  15. When will the dam be built? This coming summer if all proceeds as planned.
  16. What is the entire cost of the dam? Approximately $500,000.00. This could change as bids come in.
  17. Who is the Engineer? Flambeau Engineering, Park Falls, WI.
  • Request formal statements from the public – 2-minute limit Wesly Ginter Chair
    1. There were no additional public statements.
  • Close the public hearing; There being no further questions or statements to be heard, Chairman Ginter closed the public hearing at approximately 6:45 p.m.


Sandy Frank, Clerk/Treasurer


Tax payments for 2022 after 1/31/22 must be paid to the Forest Co Treasurer

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For tax questions please contact the Forest County Treasurer’s Office. Information can be found on their website. From there you can also view and print your tax receipts.


Town Officers

  • Town Chairman : Wesley Ginter (715) 478-2079
  • Clerk/Treasurer : Sandy Frank (715) 478-2524
  • Supervisor : Barb Szopninski (715) 216-1501
  • Supervisor : Mary Torgerson (715) 902-1656

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Town Assessor : Peter Liptack Jr.


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