The town is located in southern Forest County.  Nashville is home to many lakes, rivers, and forests.

Spring Clean up DATE:   May 1st until dumpsters are full ( 6 total)

Items excepted:  Household furniture items such as mattresses, lamps, mattresses, furniture.

Items not accepted: No building materials, TV’s, microwaves, computers, liquids, refrigerators, no paint unless dried, tires,

Questions? Please contact B&B recycling below, they accept the items listed that the town does not take:

B & B Recycling, 380 Rusch Road, Antigo, WI PH: 715-623-3454

Tax payments

  • for 2022 after 1/31/23 must be paid to the Forest Co Treasurer For additional information and payment links please visit the Tax Information Page


For tax questions please contact the Forest County Treasurer’s Office. Information can be found on their website. From there you can also view and print your tax receipts.

questions on your tax bill assessment?

  • Please fill out the form included in the link below and email it to the Town Assessor, Peter Liptack:


Town Officers

  • Town Chairman: Mary Torgerson (715) 902-1656
  • Clerk/Treasurer: Sandy Frank (715) 478-2524 Email:
  • Supervisor: Cora Campbell (715) 478-2398
  • Supervisor: Ken Waldvogel (715) 216-3111

To contact the board please use the information provided or fill the form out here

Town Assessor : Peter Liptack Jr.


Assessor Township of Nashville
14822 County Road F
Lakewood, WI 54138

Welcome AssessorData

This website provides professionals with web access to official property records information for Wisconsin properties (for a sample, click here!).The cost to use this service is $1.20 per property records report.

Town Facilities

This map shows the location of a few key features throughout the town.  Included are the Town Cemetery, Town Hall & Shop, Town Community Center, and the location of both collection sites.  Click on each feature for additional informative.


Please fill out the form below for a question or comment.  Please fill in an email or phone so we can get back to you.  Depending on other commitments, it could be a few days to respond.  Thank you