• Contact the Forest County Zoning Department at fczone@co.forest.wi.us   regarding permits or requirements regarding:
  • *Closure or use of your sanitary waste disposal system that is now on site.
  • *Closure or safe use of your well  that is now on site
  • *Re-construct , rebuild, repair
  • Raze (Demolition) any structure. Permit required*
  • *Filling or grading
  • *Erosion and sediment control in flooded area before razing/repairs begin.
  • Contact Building Inspector of Nashville Township Forest County prior to making repairs.
  • Duff Leaver: https:leaverinspections.com
  • Contact the Assessor Township of Nashville

If you are requesting an assessment Change, contact the Town Assessor after you have contacted the DNR & County for permits to raze, repair or rebuild

after January 15, 2021 please contact: 

Peter A. Liptack, Email would be a preference for providing information: pliptack10@gmail.comOffice of Assessor, Township of Nashville, 14822 County Road F, Lakewood, WI. 54138

Include the following: 

  • 1.) What you are requesting the change in assessment will be for 2021.  (building value  $__________for each structure)
  • 2.) Copy of all DNR & county/local permits you have obtained, and or applied for as evidence of the situation you have.
  • 3.) copy of your insurance claim indicating they approve repairs or have totaled the building for demolition.
  • 4.) A signed statement from the property owner, indicating what will be taking place with all buildings on the premises that are impacted by flooding.
  •    a.)  If a total loss that the intent is to raze the structure(s)
  •    b.) If repairs, a cost estimate of the repairs to be made
  • 5.)  A copy of your most recent tax bill.
  • 6.) A couple photos of your property that shows the most recent situation caused by high waters. The county and or DNR may not allow you to rebuild!  If that is the situation because of the high water, please forward that to the Office of Assessor also. If you are seeking a change in the 2021 Assessment this information should be provided to the Office of Assessor prior to March.